Unilevel Investment MLM Software

The Investment MLM Plan is best MLM Software does its job smooth and clean, simplifies the complete process and collates the data at one place. It is the best opportunity to work in multi-level marketing, the company organizations and investors have adopted this plan. Investment Plan MLM Software makes the understanding power of the criticality. It is important for every MLM business organizations to make their business. The Investment MLM works with the Unilevel plan of level 5 to up line user with a referral bonus.

Unilevel Investment MLM Software

Our Plan MLM Investment design is generally a utilized arrangement done by multi-level organizations. Better income for members. Investment plan offers a better income opportunity from the MLM business, compared to other MLM compensation plans.The Investment Business Compensation Plan makes the best business strategy and profit growth daily basis. In this process, the users can join the community by investing the minimum deposit amount.

The user can join the plan based on the choice and investment packages, we also designed the script with e-pin management, level payouts, and ROI returns. The other users can join the system by investing amount, the amount is added in the wallet. In simple the Unilevel Investment MLM Software is followed by a company offering a daily percentage on the investment of the down-chain member and this percentage may change according to the investment schemes. The system can make the process accuracy and help to calculate the benefit of the MLM companies as well as the people.

Unilevel Investment MLM Software User Side

If you are looking for the perfect MLM Unilevel Investment Plan with user-friendly and SEO optimized design structure with preferred MLM customization. The Investment MLM Plan they provide the power design and business login in the script will give world-class experience on MLM. To make the internal communications more efficient mailing system is integrated and also view the financial, investment statistics report can be easily monitored.

Unilevel Investment MLM Software Admin Side

In this system, the users and admin dashboard management are made easy and profitable system. The ROI is high for the MLM investment users and the bonus system is maintained in the wallet by the admin. The amount of withdrawal request has to approve by the admin to avoid the data loss and amount transactions. The Investment Plan can make simply level commission transactions and conventional money transfer systems. The admin dashboard made reliable where all the management systems are maintained, easy view of total users, values of payouts, available e-pin, etc, and this MLM Unilevel Investment Plan is favorable for newcomers in the MLM industry.

Unilevel Investment MLM Software Features


    Unilevel Plan (n X 5). 5 level which differ for each member pack.User will get the 5 level commission, user refer (N) number of users.(5 level commission) will be managed by admin side


    Any user can add an another user to the system.User can add the another user by referral of the user example (A is added B, A is the sponsor for B).User needs to purchase Epin to add new user.Added User’s profile ID and password will be send to respective added user’s email id.


    Every user in the system need to donate them to the upline member or system gives member with the time frame, which was managed by the admin.


    Direct referral commission, sponsor will get 5 % (manages in admin side) from downline user’s pack purchase.


    All the referral and level amount will be credited to the wallet.User can view reason for credit and amount credited in their wallet.User can view the status


    User will get 5 level commissions from the system.All commission will be manages in admin side . Example: If A is joined under user


    User can request of their wallet amount, all the referral and level commission will be withdrawn using the withdrawn request. User enter desired amount detail . User enter amount with message.Manage send withdrawn request detail.


    After pack purchase every day user will get ROI (1 % pack purchased), 1 % will be manages in admin side.Duration of the ROI is depends on user member pack duration.Cutoff day will be managed in Admin side (daily/weekly/monthly).Weekly cutoff, the cutoff day is managed in admin side.Monthly cutoff, every 30 days once calculated which started from system start date.

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