Pay for Referral MLM Script

Our Pay for Referral MLM Script is the business opportunity script where the people can earn profit in their MLM business just by making referral to the others with their sponsor id, this script will help the new entrepreneurs to start the profitable business in the MLM industry, thisscript is designed with Open Source PHP Platform to make efficient to the users by customizing the script as per the user requirement, this script can be used as part-time or flexible business for the entrepreneurs to start the profitable MLM business.

Open Source Referral MLM Software

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This Pay for Referral MLM Software is designed with Open Source PHP Platform to make the accessibility efficient to the users to support in their business, in this software the templates are designed as the professional referral MLM site and the new user can simply sign-up their accountwith referral sponsor id by submitting the username, valid mail id and password, after the user-registration is completed the sign-up bonus is added to the user wallet account, then the user log-in with the account the user can able to view the dashboard with their downline memberand with the social network sharing icons, where the users can able to sharethe referral to their referral link to others.

In this Referral MLM Software the admin can change over the general settings like managing the user account details and taking the responsibilities by adding the more users to the site and they also have authentication log-in id for the secure log-in process.

Referral MLM Software User Side

Our Open Source Referral MLM Software has unique feature to make get profit from our site by introducing Luckdraws contest, here in this contest the user can participate with the content by paying the participation fee from the user wallet which is automaticallydeducted from their respective wallet, at the last, the user gets selected randomly by our automated system and the winner will get amount which is automatically creditedin the respective user wallet. The script is more convenient to the users to set into the MLM softwarewith advanced functionality.

  • Register with Referral Sponsor ID.
  • Sign-up Bonus.
  • Referral Bonus.
  • Simplicity in Earning More Profits.
  • Easy Payout Analysis.
  • Secure ID systems.
  • Managing Member Profile and Account.
  • E-Wallet Report.
  • Member Total turnover Report.
  • Transaction and Billing Receipt.
  • Can Share the Referral Link.
  • Luck draw Contest.

Referral MLM Software Admin Side

In this Referral MLM Software the script is designed mainly for the secure transactions because the payments transactions are more important to prevent loss of data from the unauthorized users,and this Pay for Referral MLM Script is suitable for the referral program concept, if you think to start a profitable business through online this is the best solution for you to take over this referral business as the part-time or regular. The admin can manage and view the statistics of the user details and general site configurable settings. The admin has authority to add or remove and select the Luck draws contest.

  • Authentication Log-inid.
  • Referral Bonus.
  • Sign-up Bonus.
  • New Member Joining Report.
  • View Earning Details.
  • Can view Luckdraws Statistics.
  • Minimum Payout Amount Details are maintained by admin.
  • Can Approve the User Withdraw Request.
  • Tax and TDS Management System.
  • Member A/C Balance and Ledger Report
  • Adding or Removing the Downline Members.
  • SMS Management integration.

Pay For Referral MLM Software Features


    The user can view and edit their profile account details like name, photo upload, password change, document upload.


    Registered members can able to sponsor new joiners by sending sponsor id to the new users, then the sponsors will get the referral bonus and after signup in new joiner and the new users will get the signup bonus.


    The user can send their Referral URLby just clicking through the social networkinglinks direct to the users.


    Here in the Luckdraws feature the user can participate by just paying participations fee and the amount has been debited automatically from the user wallet, then the Luckdraws winner is selected by the automated process and the winner price amount is automatically credited to the respective winner account.


    The user can able to see their wallet account balance and the transactions payments in the clear view in our script.


    The user can able to search and view the required user details by entering their id and get the required details from the users, all the details are stored in the secure database, there is no need to worry about the data loss.


    The user can track their statics of the payment and transaction details and they can able to get the clear user statics document.


    If anyone wants their website to add advertisement list, they can add their product details, cost, etc..,

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