Paid to read script

Earn money from the clicking the advertisements and read email. It is a win-win process both the user and website owner. Paid to read script will help to advertise the website and increase number of users in website. It helps to earn money in online users from anywhere in the world. We can simply call as Paid to click (PTC Script). We are here to provide the online business model that draws online traffic from peoples. The main aim is to earn money by clicking the advertisements. The advertiser pays for displaying ads on the websites and part of the money will be goes for the viewer those who have clicked the ads. Viewers can also earn by reading email every day.

The advertiser needs to get in to the system by selecting anyone of package for posting their ads banner on website. Advertiser need to check the paid email package for ads via email, with the help of this able to achieve targets.

Paid to read script

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Advertiser is one who needs to popular the website or any product of the website, with in short duration. With the help of the Paid To Read Scriptthe user who needs to investment some money to the advertiser and make the website popular and increase the number of user in the websites. Viewers are one who needs to earn money through online with legally. With the help of Paid to Read Email Php Script viewer can able to get the paid by the click and reading the email. Read 5 emails and every day and get paid legally.

User can register with free of cost, where user need to submit the list basic requirement. Where the user can be get paid by click the ads and post the ads. After the registration user need to pay for a package. User need to select the appropriate package for publishing the Banners or ads to the PTC websites. With the help of this package user can able to achieve the target audience easy, then a traditional ads.

Paid to Read Software User Side

Our PTR Script is designed by professional designer so user can view the best art work with responsive way. There are some many important features developed in script in order to make one of the assets.

  • Personal earnings
  • Referrals count
  • Cash bonus
  • Point’s bonus
  • Personal points and earnings
  • Debits
  • User can request of their wallet amount
  • User enter desired amount detail
  • User enter amount with message
  • Manage send withdrawn request detail

Paid To Read Software Admin Side

Admin side will get all option to edit and add in to the system. Admin can view the list of option in the system. Easily accessible admin panel so admin can view all the site statistics on the dashboard. Admin have full authority to control the site.

  • Campaigns add / view
  • Banner rotator
  • Members database
  • Order Number
  • Name of the user
  • Email
  • Campaign size
  • Website link
  • Banner image
  • Countries list
  • Member’s database admin
  • Member's activity control
  • Payouts requests/Debits
  • Cheater control
  • Convert Points
  • Referral contest

Paid to Read Software Features


    Revenue management system is the one of the important in paid to read script.Each time the user click on the banner or any ads user will get the amount in the wallet. If user want to withdrawal the amount, need to request a amount admin will send the amount throughPayPal for that every user

  • Banner management

    Adding Banners to MLM system is a great way to increase sales and recruitment by enabling your members to promote their business in a professional and efficient manner. Making banners available to your members is accomplished by creating a banner which is then selected by a member for including in locations of their choosing; facebook page, 3rd party websites, blog and form us to name but a few.


    Every time the user will get paid for clicks, view page and submitting form our Paid to read script, based on the membership plan user will get the commission for the ads. Each membership is maintained and commission for the ads will bemaintained the admin side


    In our Paid to read script our developer have integrated PayPal as a payment gateway, based on our client’s requirement it can be customized in to any payment integration (Payu money, payeer, cc-avenue, 2 checkout, etc..,).

  • Campaigns add/view & Banner rotate

    Campaigns are where admin can able to view all the list of ads order requested by user. For this admin will get the overall view of all the list campaigns order in the system. Admin can able to manage the user banner campaigns, where here are some option admin can able to manage the user post banner.Banner can be rotated based on the PTC website.

  • Reference bonus

    In our Paid to read script we have also integrated the referral id to the system member, they can able to referrer a person at time joining based on the package they are selecting sponsor user will referral bonus it will be credited in the wallet.


    This is an incentive system which rewards users for good conduct on the site, such as their safety. This should encourage good behavior on the site.

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