MLM Binary Plan Software

In many years there are many MLM plans have been introduced in the MLM business, but still the Binary Plan is most popular because of its unique structures and high return of investment.Binary MLM is two leg concept down line user will be placed in the left and right genealogy structure. From the user placement level bonus, pair bonus and matching bonus will be credited to sponsor user (upline user). Our MLM Binary Plan Software has Sponsor Bonus, Binary Commissions, and Matching Bonuses. It is the right opportunity to startup binary compensation plans through our binary plan MLM Software.

How it Works

At to start with binary concept, Customer A can just have client B and C underneath him. In which referral partners might want to include downline client B, it is called as the left leg of client A.

In which referral partners might want to include downline Customer C, it is called as the Right leg of Customer A. Thus, Customer B and C are on the level 1 of client A.

2×2 Matrix

2×2 Spillover

Referal & Pair Bonus

Purchase & repurchase bonus

Instamojo payment gateway

Add user in downline


TDS Deduction

Spill Over Binary Plan Concept

To go in-depth of binary plan mlm software design major part covers Spillover method

Client A involved the two spots. Client D, E, F, G, is situated on the Level 2 of Customer A.

Client D, E are level 1 clients for clients B when Customer F, G are level 2 clients for client C

Also our script capable of getting notifiable to the clients like commission payouts, referral bonus, network status. A highlighted features includes E-wallet, SMS Template, Payment Setting, Currency setting, commissions, payouts, referral and Pair Bonus, sponsor bonus, binary bonus, matching bonus, purchase bonus, TDS Deduction, Genealogy, Add user in downline, Instamojo payment gateway, Matrix details etc.

User can add user using E-pin system.Binary pairing capping 1 : 1 & capping mechanism features

MLM Binary Plan Software Admin side

Administrator has all rights to deal with the more in-depth controlling of the websitelike product adding,managing commission rates, and so forth effortlessly without having much specialized stuff in coding part.Our Binary MLM Script has accessible to handle website with an ease, fast, reliable and ease.

Although, we provide 1 year of free technical support, up to 6 months of source code updates and the full source code upon purchase. If you have any other queries, please write to us and we are happy to help you out.

The binary MLM script is developed in PHP and MySQL. Our script code is optimized according rules and regulation of the major search engine like Google, Yahoo etc. So it is 100% safe from hackers and malware. Our script is mobile responsive and SEO friendly. By the use of mobile responsive user can able to view the website in all type of devices such as Mobile, Laptops, Tablets and so on.

After purchasing the script, the website will be live in next 24 hours. Phpscriptsmall is the best web Development Company since 2005; we are offering different types of readymade PHP scripts to the clients with low price and good quality.

MLM Binary Plan Software Features


    Profile Management allows user can View, Edit, Change Request, Document Upload, Photo Upload, Change password.


    Using our Mail notification system user will receive and discuss all the internal details but is not demand of the third party commending system.


    Various reports related with membership account are available. Activate, deactivate member, check profile, and check down line details to keep record of Company’s growth.


    The more payment options you have, the more customers and sales and profit you make. This tool supports numerous amounts of these applications such as PayPal and Gold wallet.


    Sunflower genealogy is different from other MLM, Each time when your downlines make a purchase/refer you will receive a points posted in your Left or Right group of your sunflower Genealogy.


    Through refer url you can send user profile to anyone, we know about the refer details.


    Admins can set this constant variable when they first set up in the system and can be used as an empirical bonus in the future. Bonus point is calculated by View their earning details from the beginning, commission details, Bonus target days, Target amount etc..,


    A full-fledged content management system with drag and drop page and menu builder. It is easy to manage static contents and graphics.

  • E-pin management

    User can purchase the E-pin using E-wallet or bank transfer (offline payment gateway) or payment gateway.E-pin is generated by admin

  • Pair capping

    Admin create Capping mechanism to estimate their earnings.Pairing above the capping limit is flushed out the system.Upline user will get commission for every pair matching.Weekly Capping amount is managed by admin

  • Purchase and Repurchase Bonus

    After purchasing one product, user will get the purchase bonus.After purchasing the same product user will get the discount price as repurchase bonus.And for the repurchase bonus, the commission will be increased and it will be managed by admin.

  • Subadmin Management

    Admin can add subadmins to the system .Admin can also assign permissions and limitations for them .Subadmins can perform operations according to their permissions.

  • Advance Settings

    Admin can control the overall settings of the payout and commissions.Admin can enable or disable the epin.He can select whether the leg selction should be manual or deafult and rank can also be given to the users based on the referral count (or) pack purchased by the referral user.Referral,level,pair capping and wallet withdrawal can be enabled or disabled.

  • Level Payout

    User can get level payout after completion of each level in the system.User can view their level payout details by each level.Level commission is managed in Admin side.

  • Easy to operate

    Any person with basic knowledge of computers will find it easy to operate the Binary MLM Script. The features have been designed user friendly and inclusion of primary plug inns has made it functioning easier.

  • Repurchase Bonus

    The tree structure level has completed after that if anyone want to initiate business, there repurchase option is ready to help you.User will be reentered into the system and a new tree level will be started.

  • Withdrawal

    User can withdraw amount from their wallets by sending an request to an admin.After admin approval the requested amounts will be transferred bank accounts manually.At the time of transaction some part of the amount will be deducted as admin fee.

  • Transaction List

    Admin can see the user payout transaction lists and the users can see their transactions on their respective profiles.The mode of payment will also be displayed.

  • Responsive Design Template

    Attractive designer templates are available to make your business portal look appealing and innovative. Any presentation gives an impression of your organization which is carefully selected and applied as per your requirements and brand image.

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