Investment MLM 2x4 Autofilling Plan

PHP MLM Software experts have developed the new advanced Investment MLM 2x4 Autofilling Plan MLM entrepreneurs to administer their revenue-generating system at cost-effectively. It is the right investment plan for the investors to invest the amount to form the right Autofilling MLM structure and most attractive plan for users who are not from the multi-level marketing field. Multi-Level marketing software is equipped with the latest features to support the varied needs of an MLM business operational functionality.

Investment MLM 2x4 Autofilling Plan

It is an MLM business that proves a blessing for them that needs no or little investment and gets huge returning. Investment MLM Plan is totally based on the investment strategic turnover and its level percentage. The user can get into the system by investing low and can build their spillover tree structure by referring the new users by using a referral link. The downline users can build their level and the level bonus will be generated based on the performance of the level plan.

In the Binary Investment MLM, the registered users have unique profile id, sponsor name and current plan duration functionality in the user dashboard. It is made way for the upline user to monitor the downline users how many users are organized in the tree structure as the left and right leg count. Autofill Investment MLM Software the users can Autofill the structure based on the auto space fill and the payouts & rewards system are made separated for the binary payout and Autofill rewards. The daily based percentage to their downline members based on their investment.

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Investment MLM 2x4 Autofilling Plan User Side

The Investment MLM 2x4 Autofilling Plan has the top-notch managing admin side panel, all the accessibility of the system is managed by the admin side. The admin has authenticated login portals to avoid unauthorized users. In the admin dashboard, the system admin can find the total number of users, active users, and inactive users. The site settings can also be managed by the admin like general settings, CMS, Testimonials, and sliders, etc. Multi-level marketing certainly gives you total freedom, right from the financial aspect to job security and you will definitely have total control over your schedule, work anytime from anywhere by using through the internet. The payout collections, level, and referral commissions are approved by the admin. Investment in the company and the company pays them a daily based percentage return.

Investment MLM 2x4 Autofilling Plan Admin Side

We are very particular to provide top class solutions to all your software demands. With over 15+ years of experience in the field of MLM development PHP MLM Software offers you bug-free source code with 1-year tech support and 6 months software update to the clients which is suitable for all types of businesses, whether it is small or large enterprises.

Unilevel Investment MLM Software Features


    Unilevel Plan (n X 5). 5 level which differ for each member pack.User will get the 5 level commission, user refer (N) number of users.(5 level commission) will be managed by admin side


    Any user can add an another user to the system.User can add the another user by referral of the user example (A is added B, A is the sponsor for B).User needs to purchase Epin to add new user.Added User’s profile ID and password will be send to respective added user’s email id.


    Every user in the system need to donate them to the upline member or system gives member with the time frame, which was managed by the admin.


    Direct referral commission, sponsor will get 5 % (manages in admin side) from downline user’s pack purchase.


    All the referral and level amount will be credited to the wallet.User can view reason for credit and amount credited in their wallet.User can view the status


    User will get 5 level commissions from the system.All commission will be manages in admin side . Example: If A is joined under user


    User can request of their wallet amount, all the referral and level commission will be withdrawn using the withdrawn request. User enter desired amount detail . User enter amount with message.Manage send withdrawn request detail.


    After pack purchase every day user will get ROI (1 % pack purchased), 1 % will be manages in admin side.Duration of the ROI is depends on user member pack duration.Cutoff day will be managed in Admin side (daily/weekly/monthly).Weekly cutoff, the cutoff day is managed in admin side.Monthly cutoff, every 30 days once calculated which started from system start date.

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