success rate of network marketing companies in India

Most of the Network marketing companies often highlight their annual turnover, it's important to consider the distinction between GDP and GDP per capita. Similarly, in MLM success, many individuals suffer financial losses as they invest in overpriced products with the hopes of attaining wealth. Therefore, judging prosperity based on GDP per capita rather than overall turnover is crucial, as it reflects the real financial well-being of participants in MLM ventures. It is essential to understand the success rate associated with MLM businesses before driving into the industry.

In this article, we will delve into the success rate of MLM companies in India, examining statistics and shedding light on key factors that contribute to success or failure.

Who gets success in Network marketing?

  • Success in network marketing is achieved by a small percentage of individuals, typically belonging to the "0.4% success club" within each MLM company
  • In terms of success rates and income sources, wage jobs have a 100% success rate, followed by legitimate direct selling at 80%. Small businesses have a success rate of 39%, while illegal pyramid schemes have a success rate of 10%. Gambling has a success rate of 2.9%. 
  • These successful individuals are often positioned at the top of the MLM pyramid and are usually early joiners of the company. 
  • Building a large downline and having a strong network of active individuals is crucial for substantial earnings in MLM. 
  • Success in MLM relies heavily on the ability to recruit new members and excel in building a robust network. 
  • Notable examples, such as Sonu Sharma, a renowned motivational speaker, and top promoter for Vestige, demonstrate the impact of exceptional presentation skills and the ability to inspire and engage a large audience.

Understanding the Success Rate

Based on various sources, including studies and surveys, the success rate of MLM participants in India is relatively low. However, it is crucial to interpret these statistics with a detailed perspective. Success rates vary depending on several factors, such as the MLM Company, the products or services offered, the compensation plan, and individual efforts.

Let's examine some key statistics:

1. Profitability Rate

Research suggests that only a small percentage of MLM participants, approximately 25%, turn a profit in their ventures. The majority of individuals involved in MLM in India break even or experience financial losses.

2. Income Disparity

MLM income distribution tends to be heavily skewed, with a small fraction of participants earning substantial incomes while the majority struggle to generate significant revenue. The top-tier distributors often earn a lion's share of the profits, while those lower down the hierarchy face challenges in reaching a level of sustainable income. 

3. Clash and Drop-Out Rates

MLM companies typically witness high attrition and drop-out rates. A considerable number of individuals who join MLM ventures discontinue their involvement due to various reasons, such as lack of success, difficulty in recruiting new members, or dissatisfaction with the business model.

Factors Influencing MLM Success

Several factors play a role in determining the success rate of MLM companies in India. Understanding these factors can help individuals make informed decisions and increase their chances of success. Here are some key aspects to consider:

  1. Company Reputation and Stability: Choosing a reputable MLM company with a proven track record of stability and success is crucial. Thoroughly research the company's history, leadership, product quality, and financial standing before getting involved. 
  2. Product or Service Quality: The quality and demand for the MLM Company’s products or services significantly impact the success rate. Products that offer genuine value and address consumer needs have a higher chance of success in the market. 
  3. Training and Support: MLM companies that provide comprehensive training programs, mentoring, and ongoing support tend to have higher success rates. Access to resources, marketing materials, and guidance can enhance distributors' abilities to build and grow their networks. 
  4. Persistence and Commitment: MLM success requires perseverance, consistent effort, and a long-term commitment. Those who approach MLM as a get-rich-quick scheme or lack dedication are more likely to experience disappointment. 
  5. Ethical Business Practices: Companies that prioritize ethical business practices, transparency, and compliance with legal regulations tend to have a more favourable reputation and attract a larger customer base.

Making money in MLM

Can you money make money in MLM? Yes, it is possible to make money with MLM or network marketing. However, the reality is that only a small percentage of network marketers achieve the high earnings often advertised in promotional materials and events. On the other hand, a significant number of people end up losing money.

According to the AARP Foundation, their survey revealed that only 25% of participants surveyed earned any income from MLM. Among those who earned, 27% reported losses, with approximately half of their invested money gone. In terms of profit for the quarter:

  • 0.05% of participants made $100,000 or more 
  • 3% made $25,000 or more 
  • 3% made between $10,000 and $24,999 
  • 6% made between $5,000 and $9,999

These figures highlight the limited financial success experienced by the majority of MLM participants, with a significant portion either earning minimal amounts or facing losses.


The success rate of MLM companies in India depends on various factors such as MLM company's reputation, product quality, training and support, individual effort, and commitment. In contrast, MLM or network marketing has the lowest success rate, with only 0.4% of participants achieving significant success. While MLM can provide opportunities for financial independence and personal growth, it requires careful consideration and focused effort to increase the chances of success. We can achieve significant success by leveraging their recruitment abilities, presentation skills, and early entry into the MLM Company. Remember that success goes beyond financial gains and encompasses personal growth, leadership development, and building a strong network of loyal customers and distributors.

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