Advanced Unilevel Investment MLM

In the Multilevel Marketing Business, Investment MLM Plan is one of the famous and popular MLM Plan, which mainly helps to generate more indirect income. The main advantage of the investment software is to invest once and can earn high profit from this business. This plan offers a daily based percentage to the down line members on the basis of their investment. We make sure that the customers will get a high return on investment through our software.

Advanced Unilevel Investment MLM


The user can register with the referral sponsor ID and basic details. User needs to invest a minimum amount in the admin side and customer will get the 5 level commission, user referral (N) numbers of user. They are mainly two types of commission is available such as referral and level model. All these commissions will be credited in the wallet and can manage in admin side.

Advanced Unilevel Investment MLM

Our Investment Business Compensation Plan has new advanced features and functionalities which help to earn high benefit from this software. The major features of this Investment plan are simple registration option, secure login option, commission management, wallet management, powerful and user-friendly user and admin dashboard, send and cancel withdrawal request, mail system, news and event management, mail system, CMS page, ROI transaction report, add user list and commission model, genealogy levels, testimonials, recent news and many more.

In center admin dashboard of our Investment Plan MLM Software, consist of total users, feedback, and events and left side of the dashboard follows news, event and user management, pay slip, country, testimonials, inquiry, plan details, subscriber, slider and report management, MLM payout, support center, withdraw, and site setting pages. The admin can easily manage, edit, and delete the script easily without any knowledge. This script is developed in PHP and MYSQL with advanced features and functionalities with standard code, which helps to secure safe from malware and attractors.

We at PHP MLM Software have experience and professional developers they create the best platform for the network marketing companies as well the investor. Phpscriptsmall is one of the leading and best MLM software Company who develops and integrates multilevel software according to business compensation. We have more than twenty different types of MLM plans that helps cline to develop their business into the next level. Apart from all the existing features and functionalities, we will provide 1-year technical support, 6 months free updates of the source code and brand free website.

Advanced Unilevel Investment MLM Features

  • Dashboard

    Total Referral Bonus.Total Level Bonus.Total Wallet Balance.Total ROI.Add User Commission.Total Withdraw Approval

  • Profile management

    Profile management can be managed their own profile by updating the list of user, phone number, country location and profile image update.

  • Referral Commission

    Direct referral commission, sponsor will get 5 % (managed in admin side) from total amount of their investment

  • Level payout

    Level payout is one of the important menus, where user can view the list of level wise payout from their down line user. Each level payout is maintained as a statement in the user and all the commission amount will be credited in the user’s wallet.

  • E-wallet

    Easy consolidate management of virtual bank account. All the reports related with the transaction are available with the facility to export and provided E-Statement for each user.

  • E-pin generation

    E-Pin is very useful for MLM companies. Most of the MLM Companies want to sell their products and sign-up through e-pin. By this way, you can collect payment from members. Secured transaction, versatile transaction and reporting system.

  • SEO-friendly coding style

    This Binary tree structure view the individual has received compensation from the sales of the downline members, and it has commission details and referral Id.

  • Mail systems

    Using our Mail notification system user will receive and discuss all the internal details but is not demand of the third party commending system.

  • ROI

    Every week user will get the ROI (Return on investment) based in the amount they have invested in the MLM system. Cut off week and payout will be released only admin manually, it will be reflects in wallets.


    A full-fledged content management system with drag and drop page and menu builder. It is easy to manage statics content and graphics.

  • Leader bonus

    This is an incentive system which rewards users for good conduct on the site, such as their safety. This should encourage good behavior on the site. Leader get complete 3 levels like 1st level – 4 users, each user under 4 users, 4*4=16 and after each registration get % of bonus set by the admin.

  • Membership Management

    Various reports related with membership account are available. Activate, deactivate member, check profile, and check down line details to keep record of Company’s growth. Membership is tracking based on numerous fields & criteria’s. Membership Management is including user can view & edit profile, Renewal, Confirmation of Membership.

  • Add new user commission:

    New addition features we have integrated in the system, user need to add new user by using the wallet amount continuously for 4 weeks then, sponsored user will get the percentage (% ) commission, for 5 week. User will get the payout

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